Horse Riding Lessons

Horseback Riding Lessons at Mystic Valley Farm: 

Interested in learning how to ride horses? At Mystic Valley Farm, I focus on improving your horse riding abilities through strengthening your equitation skills. Unifying the horse and rider is the equestrian experience I strive to encourage. Ride either English or western tack. Being properly dressed is important, see required horseback riding attire

Beginner and Intermediate Horseback Riding Lessons 

Private lessons are currently available for either beginner or advanced riders.

Book a lesson by email or call/text: 970-819-1385
  • Private lesson on MVF horse $100 - 1+ hour  
  • Three lesson package on MVF horse $270 - 3 x 1-hour private lessons.
  • Semi-private - $160

Beginner and intermediate riding lessons will focus on the following:

Ground Manners and horse handling skills - you will learn the basics of catching, haltering, leading, grooming, saddling & bridling the horse.
Basic Riding Skills - learn how to adjust your tack, mount and dismount your horse. A large focus will be placed on strengthening your riding position (equitation), and how to use your "aids" to communicate to the horse.
Riding all Three Gaits - the long-term goal of the beginner & intermediate rider will be to ride all three gaits: walk, trot and canter. Including, maintaining good equitation and providing proper "aids" upon the horse to have smooth transitions between gaits.
Riding Basic Patterns - In addition to riding all the gaits, you will be schooled on riding patterns. These patterns such as circles & serpentines, will employ and strengthen your riding skills and position so you can become an effective rider, not just a passenger.

Farm road riding
Once riders have gained confidence and skills to ride independently, riders will be joined with an instructor for hacking on a dirt farm road. Riders will walk, trot and possibly canter on the rolling county farm road. Enjoy beautiful North Routt vistas of Hahns Peak, Farwell Mountain, Sand Mountain, and other majestic country scenery.

Advanced Riding Instruction & Horse Training

Lessons and training are also available for more advanced riders and their horses. If you are looking for training of your horse. Please contact me so we can talk about your horse training goals.

 My horse and rider training specialties are:

  • Hunter / Jumper training
  • Dressage schooling
  • Western pleasure
  • Starting the young horse
  • Working with problem horses
  • Managing the lame horse