Private & Semi-private Horseback Riding Lessons


Get Ready to Ride Horses this Summer!

English and Western riding lessons

Mystic Valley Farm  Summer Horseback Riding

Both private and semi-private lessons will be offered. You can choose to ride either English or Western style. Beginners and first-time riders are welcome. 

A new short session is available to accommodate first-timers. I understand that your first time, or first few times, on the ground or on their back can be a lot to take in. The short program rides will help you get up to speed.

Advanced horseback riders need more time. Either by yourself or with a friend, enjoy a leisurely time with your horse on the ground and work through exercises while riding. Kathleen, your riding instructor will guide you through the entire process. Learn best ground handling manners and grooming, and increase your knowledge of tack. Learn how to ride in an arena and why this is so important to the success of you and your horse's ability to be "a good horse". 

New horses are available this year. Hopefully, I will get them on the website soon.  

Please call or text to schedule your riding lesson. 970-819-1385
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Now's the time to plan your summer horseback riding.

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