New Born Foal at MVF

 My little grey mare who was bred with my Oldenburg stallion had a filly this past June12th. The filly is a darling little thing with very dainty or refined legs and head. Within a couple of days, this filly can out run the mare. Hard to believe as the photos shown are just minutes after she got up from being born. So wobbly and careful with herself.

I was fortunate to walk out to do evening chores and there was the grey mare just beginning to foal! The mare was turned out in the front pasture. Fortunately I found the two of them and was able to guide them into the barn. A bit of a challenge with my arms around the new wobbly foal, doing my best to direct the foal back to the barn all while leading the grey mare with one hand too.

I like this little filly and am looking forward to working with this horse as she grows up.

little foal

just born foal

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