Steamboat Horse Boarding

Horse Boarding at Mystic Valley Farm:

Stalls with Runs Full Care - $800

Stalls are not available at this time. IF you require special needs please call.
  • Turn out on pasture or paddock
  • Twice day feeding
  • Will feed any grains or supplements that you provide
  • Heated water & salts
  • Cater to special needs horses, please inquire

Managed Group Paddock Board - $500

  • Daily rotation on pasture (summer only)
  • Twice-day feeding 
  • House grain - beat pulp and hay pellet supplement
  • Supplemental hay during summer
  • Owners with 2 or more horses can customize their feed. Reduced price option, inquire.

Paddock Board for Founder Horses

Foundered horses are kept in paddocks. They will be managed for their condition. Limited or no turnout options are available.

Horse Boarding Care

At Mystic Valley Farm, we do our best to provide the care you request for your horse's needs. All horses can be rotated onto pasture in the summer months. High-quality timothy hay and optional alfalfa are fed year-round, in addition to daily pasture turnout. Pastures are managed, not to be overgrazed, and sprayed for weeds. Horses with sensitive diets have limited access to pasture or not at all. 

Fencing at Mystic Valley Farm is smooth wire, wood rails, and steel panels.

If you have a horse that requires special care, please contact us
so we can provide a customized quote for your horse's needs.