A New Year's Wish from Mystic Valley Farm

 Sharing a New Year's Wish

Mystic Valley Farm is excited to announce that we will be debuting a #OneHorseOpenSleigh ride this new year. Along with the ability to make fabulous Christmas cards, we will be offering one-horse-open-sleigh rides to the public. 

A Perfect Open Air Activity in Steamboat for All

This is an authentic one-horse-sleigh ride experience. The "cutter" style sleigh has two bench seats with full padded upholstery for your comfort. This small private party experience is a safe outdoor activity for people of all types. Young or old will enjoy the authentic, olde tyme, exhilaration of being pulled by a horse across snow. 

Upon arrival at the farm, you will be greeted by myself and Jonathan. Shown to a sheltered staging area that includes complimentary hot drinks and snacks. While you get comfortable, we will hitch the horse to the sleigh within your view. Then Jonathan will assist you aboard the sleigh, situate blankets, and off we shall go.

Sleigh Ride Party Size

Our one-horse-sleigh is small, (which makes it more fun). Our arrangement does accommodate a few different party sizes:
  •  The most intimate experience is the private party of two. (Yes, you can bring a small child but they have to be small enough to sit on your lap.) Hot drinks and snacks included.
  • A party of four is our small social sleigh.  This sleigh ride experience will be a bit of a round-robin. Two adults will ride in the sleigh at any time; however, the sleigh course passes by the staging area twice during the loop. When the sleigh stops at the staging location, riders can swap on and off the sleigh. This provides a nice mix of socializing and sleigh riding. Complimentary drinks and snacks included.
  • The kids sleigh. This will be a sleigh ride for children, similar to the party of four sleigh. One adult and two children, meaning small people around 100 pounds or less, can fit in the rear seat. The total party size would be 4-5 children and 1-2 adults. As the sleigh passes by the staging area children can take turns riding in the sleigh. Hot drinks, snacks and blankets will be provided.
Currently we are making final arrangements for our formal introduction of the One-Horse-Open-Sleigh. Things are moving along but not as fast as anticipated. Struggling with retaining insurance but looks hopeful. As soon as everything is a go, there will be an online scheduling calendar accessible from the website.