New Rustic Horse Shed at MVF

Check out the "new" horse shed at Mystic Valley Farm. The rustic western finish on this shed makes it hard to believe that it hasn't been there for 50 years. Well it hasn't, and this shed was completed recently. Like a few weeks ago, October 2020 to be more exact. What makes this shed worth talking about is how I managed to get it constructed. 

After poking around on Facebook Market Place. I ran into an old friend, Tom Fox, who had some rails for sale, among other stuff. Turned out Tom was in the process of cleaning up his "yard". Thanks to his generous donation of old board lumber and old foundation plywood. I was able to build and finish this project with out purchasing wood at our local lumber yard. There were a couple of other material donors. I ended up storing some of my brothers marine grade form lumber as part of the back wall. Plus a friend of Johnny's was having some upgrades done to his house. Additional lumber was retrieved there along with all the tin used in the roof. You might say that "the materials just sort of showed up and fell into place." I realize that it's hard to build completely with recycled materials as you usually have to collect for awhile before having enough stuff to even get started. I got lucky on this one. Spent maybe $100 on hardware and my precious time of course. I do recommend this style of construction if you get a chance. However, the rustic look was adopted not planned on. I'm pleased with the outcome. The structures blends in nicely with the farm and surrounding landscape. 

So, with that project out of the way. MVF now has a nice suite for Versailles, the young stallion. As you can see in the photos. Although next spring his large pen will get split in two. Making room for two more geldings. No mares next to the stallion, they get to live on the other side of the barn. If you need a nice place for your gelding check-in next spring. Along with some other planned upgrades you and your horse will find it very comfortable here.