Attire For Horseback Riding Lesson

Required Apparel For Riding Lesson

Having correct riding apparel to ride horses in is important for your comfort and safety. Improper dress or poorly fitted clothes can really take away from your experience and ability to learn. Please do your best to come prepared. I do have some helmets but not all sizes. If you have a well fitted bicycle helmet, I recommend using this. 

Recommended English Style Apparel: 

  • Riding breaches, heavy weight tights, or stretch jeans.
  • Tall riding boots, or paddock boots with half-chaps, or some type of fitted tall boot with a heel. Chaps or half-chaps are also acceptable.
  • Riding helmet or bicycle helmet
  • Thin gloves, optional

Recommended Western Style Apparel:

  • Stretch jeans or heavy weight tights.
  • Chaps or half-chaps.
  • Cowboy boots or similar type boot.
  • Bicycle helmet or riding helmet.
  • Thin gloves, optional.